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The valletta app
This is the best, ultimate and most comprehensive app you can get of Valletta. It provides you with a great tour of Valletta, informing you about Valletta’s beauty, secrets, history and culture, its architecture and fortifications besides much other useful information.

The app is written in the English language.

This Valletta app describes also religious subjects, museums, parks, places of interest, public toilets and much more in Valletta and direct surroundings. Beautiful texts set up by local experts and additional informative photos make this app distinctive.

This Valletta app is a part of among others the most advanced app series. You will see in this series more than 250 places of interest and discover the many historical secrets of the country Malta.

This series is also convenient whether you are walking, driving a car, or using the hop-on and hop-off bus trip, boat trip, etc.

The app shares the view of Valletta and Floriana. What took place here? When was it built and by whom? What are the functions of all these buildings? This app answers many questions and shows in an easy to navigate manner where the sights are located. This app provides you with general and specific information about the sights, history, culture and architecture.

Through this guide, you may be informed also about the secrets, details and specific information of more than 75 sights in and around Valletta, such as: St John’s Co-Cathedral, The Palace Armoury,

Grand Master’s Palace, Fort St Elmo, Sacra Infirmeria, Lower Barrakka Garden, Sta Barbara Bastions, the church Notre Dame of Liesse and Victoria Gate, the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Floriana, etc, etc.

There is also a brief general information available about the history of Malta and Valletta.

This ultimate app distinguishes itself by its easy operating system. This app is free of cost while you normally would pay for a guided tour, you may enjoy navigating through Valletta on your own terms.
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