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Facade - Franciscan Church of St Mary of Jesus
Franciscan Church of St Mary of Jesus

This church is dedicated to St Mary of Jesus and is cared for by the religious order of Friars Minor. In 1571 the Friars Minor were granted a piece of land in Valletta on which to build a church. Soon after the granted, construction was started on the basis of the design by architect Cassar. The façade was replaced in 1680 by Mederico Blondel.  Numerous grandmasters have contributed abundantly to the beautification of the church, which now houses several works of art.

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The main work of art is undoubtedly the impressive Miraculous Crucifix by the Sicilian friar Umile Pintorno around 1630. Accompanying the crucifix is a painting of Our Lady of Sorrows by Stefano Erardi. The Maltese cherish these works of art with great care.

The painting is the work of the Sicilian artist Antonio Catalano. It is dated 1600 and depicts the Visitation of Our Lady to St Elizabeth.

The church also hosts the grave of Blessed Nazju Falzon (1813–1865), a diocesan cleric greatly venerated by the Maltese, who taught Catholic catechism to British sailors stationed in Malta.

This church It came to be popularly known by the Maltese as Ta' Ġieżu (of Jesus).

Holy Mass
Mondays to Saturday
11:00 - 18:15
8:30 - 10:00 - 11:00
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